Journal of Riley Ross continued

July 16, 2006

Here I sit on the eve of the first day of work that Richard, T, and I will be taking part in, in Progresso.  This is my first “mission” trip of any kind and, though I am not too sure why, I’m somewhat nervous.  I’ve always balked at the idea of a weeklong mission trip because to do missions, in my mind, is to invest serious amounts of time, heart and soul, and to invest in the idea of building relationships, a week just doesn’t seem long enough to accomplish these things.  The problem for me has been, in preceding churches, that people viewed mission trips analogous to vacations.  The thing with vacations is that usually they don’t require the sharing or giving up of time, heart and soul, nor do they require an individual to invest in the building of new relationships.  They are called vacations because that is just what we do.  We Vacate!  We get away from those things.  Since we’re on a mission trip I should make it a point to not vacate.  Rather, we will enter, advance, endure, and hopefully give more of myself than I do in daily life so that others may have more.  I just hope that I’m good enough, or loving enough, or spiritually sound enough to show some deserving folks the love that God has shown me.


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