Thousands of Years of Thought, Come Full Circle

For centuries, wars have been waged, kingdoms have been destroyed, and theologians have debated over the topic today.  The endless philosophical battle that man has faced since the dawn of intelligent thought comes full circle today, in less than two pages.  The question that people have struggled with…?  What are the five greatest five letter words of all time.  These words are chosen for what they invoke in all of us, personally.  Well not all of us.  Me.  After all , it is my blog.  But I do think that some of these words do have universal qualities.  The philosophical impact of these words can never be underestimated, they offer release, the offer frustration, and they offer thought.  I know what your thinking…”Riley you’re in a masters degree program.  Do you really have time for this?”  And my response is this, “If it will end the bloodshed, of course I have time.”  The list is presented in no particular orderly order.

1.  Jesus… alright, may seem like an easy one to Christians, but it is not.  Let’s face it.  The name of Jesus invokes so many emotions, but without getting into the theological aspect of this word, lets face facts.  The word Jesus can save you from your sins and mow your lawn all at the same time. 

2.  Bacon…  It’s not kosher but it is delicious, to quote my good friend, poet Nathan Brown, “There are very few things that a cooked piece of pig fat won’t fix.” 

3.  Wilco…  The musical stylings of Jeff Tweedy saved me today at Panera Bread.  For some reason I set behind the purple clad, blonde monsters of the Kappas.  In the one minute I allowed myself to bear a conversation that included the phrase, “I was like…” at least 50 times, I realized I need to hear something different.  My savior came in the form of Sky Blue Sky and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  Both amazing albums that allowed me to feel like, even though I was doing accounting, the world was made right.

4.  Heart… Not so much the band or the physiological apparatus, but the metaphorical heart.  I can’t really explain too much about this, it does mean quite a bit.  Commonly confused for the loins, the heart means courage, kindness, forgiveness, and is responsible for much of our thought processes.

5.  Woman… the giver of life, the cause of frustration, the perhaps the best supplier of 3 of the 4 things on this list.  I mean if they cook bacon, have heart, and give you a Wilco cd.  They can also talk about Jesus and there you go.  It all comes full circle.

honorable mention:  Riley(that’s me).  Beard.  Queso (Spanish for cheese, see bacon).  Music.  Bread.  Water.

If you have an idea of something that should be on the list feel free to add it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. you’ve hit on the magic combo: woman, bacon, Wilco. If you have that trifecta, you’re on your way to a particularly great day.


  2. Um, can we include Heart (the band) in the section on heart, though, because I heard them recently on TV and was reminded about how good they are. 🙂 Also, I’m glad you like women, and I think bacon is one of the best foods ever. But its good that we don’t cook it often as apparently it would stink up you apt. 🙂


  3. Posted by Carmen on September 24, 2007 at 2:18 am

    At first I was offended because my name was not on the list…and then I realized my name has six letters in it, not five, AND I think I am implicitly included in the category of “woman”. We all have a brain fart sometimes, mine just happen to be particularly stinky 🙂 Seriously, though, bacon rocks.

    P.S. – your name would have been on my list of best five-letter words. Luv ya, babe. 🙂


  4. […] I think bacon is one of the five best five letter words on the planet.  The complete list is here,  But things are about to get serious.  One of my beloved class mates, Haley, was kind enough to […]


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