2nd Day of Work

Everything in this country is portioned smaller. Smaller cokes, smaller coffees, smaller forks, and consequently smaller booties. The four things that aren’t regularly smaller here are sugar, french fries, sliced tomatoes, and breasts. Three of these large portioned items generally lead to larger booties, but such is not the case in BA. The last installment on the list has to do with the fact that Argentina has more plastic surgery per capita than any nation on earth… Yes, even the United States. Let’s ignore their silicone based fascination and talk about something else. The single packets of sugar are so big that one packet is enough for your coffee. U.S. sugar is in very small packets by comparison, which means that I waste a lot of paper and chance either under-sweetening or over-sweetening my delicate, learned palate.

The other day for lunch I went to Desiderio (you know, on the corner of Esmerelda y Santa Fe). I ordered El numero setenta y seis (76). Hamburguesa Completa. It had a hamburger patty, lettuce, ham, two kinds of cheese, a bunch of sliced tomatoes, two hard-boiled eggs, and a slice of ham, all on some sort of unleavened pita. It was really good, and it came with a whole mess of french fries for the equivalent of $7 US. It was kind of steep but pretty good, none the less. I work in a Ritzy/Touristy part of town so things are a little higher.

I also had the privilege of seeing an Argentine man who looked like Stephen Hawking, if Stephen Hawking were an Argentine man… who could walk. I don’t know if I would trade the ability to walk and talk for the ability to process information like the string theory and gray matter, I’m just trying to figure out why there are so many tomato slices on one sandwich.


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