BA doesn’t stand for Bad Ass…

I would never wear a beret.  Berets are for putos. What is it exactly that I’m doing in Buenos Aires?  I will be doing guerrilla marketing for an entrepreneurial venture known as Vino del Sol (  We coop different wineries from around the country and export them into the United States.   The Argentina wine industry is known for two grapes and wine varietals, malbec and torrontes. 

Malbec is a red wine that is characterized by a subtly dry yet intense flavor.  I would tell you it is rich in tannins and you can really taste the hints of tobacco and American oak, but the truth is… I don’t know, I’ll just take people’s word for it.  Torrontes is a white grape that is produced for wine in only one country in the world, Argentina.  Torrontes aromas are very delicate with an intense, fresh floral flavor… I actually don’t know that, that’s almost verbatim out of some wine propaganda I have.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pinpoint certain flavors of wine like tobacco and chocolate by the end of the summer, but as of right now, I’m only snobbish about one thing music. 

So I’m doing guerrilla marketing, which has earned me the name “Guevarra”.  After Buenos Aires native son Ernesto “Che” Guevarra de la Serna.  Personally, I don’t like guerrilla-socialist revolutionaries that much but he’s pretty popular down here and I think it’s an ironic and yet appropriate name for an MBA student with some liberal tendencies.  If I  get my face on some T-shirts I’ll consider this internship a success.  So far the internship is going pretty well.  My main job is to be creative, brainstorm, and leverage our existing relationships and resources to spread the word about Vino del Sol.  I like the job.  As a creative person I feel that this job is indicative of what some intellectuals job might be at a think tank.  I sit around, research, read about wine and marketing, remember that we don’t have much money, wring my “rag of resources” dry, repeat process.  I can’t get too specific about what my specific plans are because I am bound to secrecy by the Treaty of Versailles II.  That’s not true, it just socially uncouth to talk about business strategy before it’s implemented. 


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