The death of ridiculous emails…hopefully

What’s the worst part about grad school? The lack of free time. Now that grad school is over, though, I’m hoping to regain back, some of that time honored tradition of free time. My biggest problem with the clear lack of free time I have endured is the opportunity to respond to emails. I get so many emails. Just to clear up any questions about emails… I’m not interested in seeing any drunk female’s chest (bare or barely clothed), I already wash my hands a few times a day so as to not contract anything, I know God loves me and you, and I already support America and our troops so I’m not going to forward this to anyone just to prove it. There, that should cover it… OH, and one more thing, Barack Obama is not a secret Muslim. If I hear one more lie about the faith affiliation of Barack Obama… I’m going to, as my grandmother would say, have a conniption fit.

To think that a man would take the time to marry in a Christian church, to a Christian woman, have his children baptized in church, write two books addressing his Christian faith, and then leave his church over differences in theological and political reasons (all in front of scores of people) to carry out a “secret jihad” is literally, absurd. If you think that Muslims, since they are not Christians, are okay with not only lies, but monumental lies, YOU ARE WRONG. Muslims perhaps take lying just as, if not, more seriously than us Christians, you might know that if you talked to a Muslim.

“But Riley, Obama’s middle name is Hussein; doesn’t that mean he was born a Muslim?”

Maybe, maybe not… but you know what my answer is? “So what?” So freaking what. If you are a Christian and you are scared by this then I have to call into question your Christian faith. If you believe in a faith that stresses the “personal” commitment one has with Jesus Christ and one baptism for the forgiveness of sins, my question is this, “If that baptism is good enough for God how come it isn’t good enough for you?” Obama was baptized in a Christian Church after he pronounced God as his personal Lord and Savior and that act is good enough for me. As Christians we are called to accept in good faith that person’s public profession of their faith.

Oh, one more thing, I’ll try to say this quickly for the sake of brevity. I hope Barack Obama is a Muslim. There I said it. I hope it is a carefully crafted decades-old lie for Barack Obama to infiltrate the American political system “which is not Christian” so that he may rise to power on the coattails of neo-liberal “fascism” (which doesn’t exist-it’s made up) and build mosques and schools and sling all of us into some sort of captivity; I really hope that happens. If that could be true, that might give American Christians a chance to act like Christians again. If you’ll look back in history, not even the bible (that may be too complicated), you’ll see that history made its greatest strides and did the work of the church when it was repressed, when it was starved, when it was beaten. I challenge you to find a more pure time for the church “post-Constantine” than when Christianity was not in a position of power. The repression allowed the church to act in a way that Christ called us to be, subversive, giving, helpful to one another, not pursuing our own self-interest. Stew on that for a little bit. Perhaps there are some skeptics out there, and that’s okay, but since I really enjoy this subject it may be something I write on again, perhaps with some bible verses to support it.


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