Presenting Wrangler’s new jean, the Doo-doo Denim

It’s amazing how much work a person can get done when they’re three pounds lighter. I’m not saying that I’ve lost weight since I’ve been here. No, I’m really not sure about that; what with all the cafés con leche and sweets it will be pretty tough to sustain weight loss. I’m talking about the fact that I lost one pound of sweat and two pounds of crap in my pants during the cab ride to work. You know I’ve never seen Death-proof from Quentin Tarantino in its entirety but I’m pretty sure it’s a lot like one of these cabs. You just have to embrace the fear until eventually it doesn’t even bother you. Whilst I am sitting in the back seat worrying about the fact that I don’t have a clean pair of underwear (and even if I did have a clean pair of underwear, I’m going to want to shower after this), my driver is in the front seat smoking a cigarette listening to some North American music I’ve never heard. The music is like one of those compilation CDs that you get, “Greatest Hits of the 70’s” but they don’t say that the music is “as performed by the band ‘Moose-knuckle'” so the CD is a big disappointment. But the band wasn’t playing greatest hits of the ’70’s; they were playing greatest hits of ‘Moose-knuckle’ and I’d never heard it before. Guillermo loved it however and if that’s what he wants to listen to whilst his passengers face their own mortality, so be it.


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