Time is an illusion

Carmen and I were out for dinner last night at this local restaurant called “Parrechio”. Pretty good stuff, I had a Bife de Chorizo and Carmen had some stir-fried chicken and vegetables. She mentioned something that surprised me. She said that if we got the money she would like to be able to go to Austin City Limits this year to see The Mars Volta. She knows I love the The Mars Volta but Austin City Limits is so much more this year, click here to see the lineup. The conversation got me to thinking about the first time I went to Austin, and then onto something deeper… Something like this…

“Well it wasn’t that long ago, But, I’ve been plenty of times sinse then.”

“We could call my buddy Ryan Shue; I played football with him in college; maybe we could crash at his.”

“Well it has been a while since I’ve seen Ryan, like 4 years… wait; no, 5 and a half years since I’ve seen Ryan, since I went to Austin for the first time, WHEN I TURNED 20!”

“Where the hell did the last 5 years go?”

I told Carmen that the entire time we’d known each other (5 years- in a month and a half) has been fun; that’s why the time has flown, and I think that’s true. But it did get me to thinking about an arbitrary period of time (5 years) and how an half a decade is viewed differently by different eyes. For example, for me, from 5 to 10 was an eternity. Kindergarten-4th grade, baseball, basketball, my brief entry into soccer, six flags, grandparents, all that. There was a lot going on and the time seemed to last a while. My birthdays couldn’t come close enough. 10-15, was the same real length but slightly shorter. Let me introduce to you football, Disney World, Junior High, Sunrise Scramblers, Sega Genesis, Music, Your big brother’s puberty, your big brother’s music, your big brother’s hair. Ryan started listening to Pearl Jam, which means I started listening to Pearl Jam, Ryan started listening to Rage Against the Machine which means I started listening to RATM, Ryan started shaving his face and dating girls which means I started … wishing I had some facial hair to shave. Instead I was left to figure out that a flat-top hair cut doesn’t work on a late-blooming adolescent. 10-15 took a while, but we got through it.

Needless to say 15-20 was much shorter and 20-25 didn’t take long to blow through at all. I might write later about what defined 15-20, and really when I think about it, quite a lot happened in that period of time but… suffice to say that hair started to finally grow, Girls noticed me, and then half-way through this period the head-hair started to slide off the backside of my noggin’… kind of like, I heard about these sheep that were jumping off of a cliff in some sort of mass suicide, that’s kind of what my hair is doing. The sheep on the top of my head aren’t going too far, however; they’re landing on my shoulders and back so… it’s okay. I’m 25 and the birthdays can’t be spaced far enough apart.

Now, I know that I’m only 25 and most people reading this are older, which may be a good thing, you can offer up some insight. But when I think about how fast the time has gone, up to this point, it’s astounding. 30 is sometime next week, 40 is in a year or two, in no time I’m going to be catching the early bird special at Luby’s wondering how long after dinner I need to take my meds… only to find out that I should have taken them on an empty stomach. When that time comes, I’m popping those meds… with milk, and by God I will operate heavy machinery if I want.


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