reassuring words…

I saw two Americans in the subway yesterday.  This country is full of white-people so it’s kind hard to tell the difference, but I could tell.  Maybe I’m becoming more Argentine.  My aunt and uncle asked me if I was becoming more Argentine and I said, “Possibly, I am becoming a bigger Asshole.”  Carmen didn’t have to agree; she did anyway.  I think I could tell they were American by the scared look on their faces when the subway filled up.  Incidentally, to get on the subway, here, you need to follow a rule:  Your two foot personal bubble doesn’t mean a thing.  If you don’t like getting close to people, don’t get on the subway.  Oh, and the guy was wearing a leather jacket. There’s a ton of leather down here but Argentines don’t wear leather… their greasy hair products would just stain it.

So the subway crowds up pretty quickly and these people are forced to smoosh up.  I’m smooshed behind the leather-man, he used a nice smelling hair product so it’s not too bad… but I can tell these two are uncomfortable.  My suspicions were confirmed when the lady mouthed something, in English, and I could read her lips.  It was a “this is uncomfortable” mouth gesture, followed with an “I love You.”  It was either “I love you” or “elephant juice,” 50/50 either way.

I like the subway at 7:00.  Everybody is snuggly with each other and I’ve never been more okay with 15 people feeling my butt; but I can tell the two North Americans weren’t okay.  So with them in mind, I reassuringly whisper into the guy’s ear.  “Don’t be scared by how close I am to your butt.”  I thought it would get a laugh, and the lady did laugh, but I’m not sure if the hide-wearer was calmed by my gesture. I’m through with trying to help people.

Here’s a graphical representation of what took place…


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