Hosanna Hybrid

If Jesus rode a bicycle-

it’d be a hybrid for sure.

He wouldn’t be concerned with speed,

he’d just chill out on a tour.

He wouldn’t want full suspension;

he won’t need inches of travel.

He’d probably want an upright stem

and maybe a comfort gel saddle

Jerusalem is a dry place, you see-

They have a ton of stickers.

That bike will need some puncture resistant tubes

and a red tail light that flickers.

You see, he doesn’t believe in judging,

and he won’t look down his nose

He just leaves the “fixies” to the Pharisees

and does a pub-hop with his bros.

So don’t go criticizing hybrids;

You chance a visit to hell.

You won’t want to piss of Jesus

With his “I my bike” bell


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