It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

Let’s be honest; Baylor isn’t that bad of a place. In fact it’s pretty cool with regards to faculty and staff. Dr. Carini is willing to try new things that might make his students perform better; he’s kind of an organizational behavior guy like that.

artist rendering

artist rendering

One thing that he wanted to try was the use of “good” coffee at donut hour. Here’s the backstory, in bullet format:

  • Donut Hour every Tuesday morning
  • Coffee is provided by Aramark
  • Aramark coffee tastes like it is filtered through doo-doo (poop)
  • Jud and Riley complain about coffee
  • We are told to remedy the problem by brewing it and supplying it at donut hour

So that’s exactly what happened. Jud and I showed up early yesterday to supply the MBA students and faculty with “Jud and Riley’s Javaritas”.  A cup of deliciousness that tastes oddly similar to Folgers. You know the coffee has got to be pretty bad to move up to Folgers. It went off great. People were enjoying the javaritas… smiling, laughing, having the best time we’ve ever had at a Donut Hour.

But things went wrong somehow. We were told at the end of the day, that we didn’t have permission by Aramark to use their insulated coffee dispenser (this is probably true; we had the assistance of housekeeping, who only delivers the coffee); and supposedly the lid to the dispenser was broken, which I call shenanigans on.  SO…

After propelling the MBA program into, no doubt what will be a lengthy court battle of “whodunit”, the Jud and Riley Javaritas will cease to be. So the next time you hoist your coffee to your lips, pour a little on the ground for your homies… The Javaritas

This Blog is in Memory of “Jud and Riley’s Javaritas”

September 30, 2008-September 30, 2008

(from 9:00am to about 11:15am)


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