STD’s Hits Waco

Let’s talk a little bit about Waco life. Specifically, let’s talk about Waco food. On the whole, it isn’t that bad. With the large Latino population here, you would expect a huge amount of Mexican food, and to a certain extent, that’s right… there is a lot of Mexican food here. But, sadly, I’m not a big fan of most of it. In Oklahoma we have a lot of Mexican food joints and that’s what I’ve grown up on. Oklahoma City has Chelinos and Los Vaqueros, which have very similar menus, because I think that the guys that started these restaurants are cousins or something. Norman has Tarahumaras. Chelino’s can be credited with bringing the “Chilada” style cerveza to Oklahoma City. They all serve thin sliced but chunky salsa (SERVED COLD) and hot queso made with real cheese, all complimentary. The actual portions are quite good, too. Chelino’s has this plate called the Don Rogelio, which is 4 carne asada tacos with copious amounts of onions and a hint of cilantro, which paired with a chilada-tecate is amazing.

Waco’s Mexican food doesn’t really do it for me. There is no cold chunky salsa, apparently they prefer warm and runny. There is no complimentary queso, they would rather charge you for a sub-par mixture of ball-park, canned cheese and Rotel. And it’s all mostly overpriced. That being said, if you like Breakfast Burritos, Waco is your place. I can say that there are two places I could recommend for some outrageous breakfast burritos; Adriana and Janette’s and Lolita’s. Both are terrific in their own rights but let’s look at Lolita’s. At first, second, and third glances, Lolita’s is a rather conservative place. On the front door they have signs that say “Clean Language Spoken Here” and “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” That’s okay I guess, I’ve never seen them refuse service to anyone. When you walk in, they usually have Fox News on the tube. A lot of places air Fox News, I’ve gotten over it by now. And then they have a burrito called The Elephante, notice the name on the Elephant’s belly. “George W.”

The Elephante

The Elephante

It took me a while to muster up the cajones to order such a burrito (like a minute) but I couldn’t help it. It is this humongous burrito with eggs, bacon, chorizo, potatoes, beans, and pico de gallo. Can’t stand the man but I love the burrito. This monstrosity is delicious, especially with a coffee. And I found out that if you order in Spanish, looking like the obvious gringo that I am, they will give you extra bacon on your burrito. I don’t need to remind anyone how much I love bacon.

Conservative name with liberal amounts of delicious

Conservative name with liberal amounts of delicious

After Tuesday’s election, I can’t help but think if Barack Obama is going to get a burrito named after him. I guess if people in Africa are naming their babies Barack Obama and Antigua is naming their tallest mountain after him, I guess it’s okay for Shrubya to have burrito named after him.

However, if Lolita’s would name a burrito after president elect Obama, what would it be called? Obamarrito, Barack Burrito, Burritobama?

(In case you’re wondering… STD’s stands for Small Town Dining)


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  1. Posted by Jerry Bergstad on February 28, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    We have 1 named after the day of the election, called the Barack O. burrito. with a donkey on it It’s a big A$$ LOL., how do I submit a picture of it on your blog?


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