It’s that time of year again… uggs and shorts

Well, the temperature has dropped to a tolerable 70 degrees.  The leaves aren’t really changing but I imagine the foliage will begin to tilt towards fall soon enough.  If you live in a place with four seasons, then I’m quite sure you have seen the signs of fall already.  At Baylor in Waco, TX, we are never sure that fall has begun until we see one combination of clothing; Uggs and Shorts… and probably a Northface fleece.  Uggs and Shorts

You know what uggs are… they’re these ridiculous, “UGG-ly” sheepskin  boots that I’m quite sure Inuits would love, if they had the money. Eskimos, not sorority girls should be wearing these.  I don’t get it… girls at Baylor are renown for wearing running shorts everywhere; SHORT running shorts.  There has to be some cause for this.  My theory is that when the temperature drops by 5 degrees, the temperature of the mid-shin drops by double.  Therefore, sheepskin boots are required to keep the upper ankle nice and cozy (Kind of like the haunch-warmers that show-dogs wear).  However, the rest of your body actually warms up, and shorter shorts are needed.  I have not tested this theory yet… my wife probably wouldn’t let me, these are just observations.  However, it does not seem to make any practical sense, whatsoever, to don warmer shoes and shorter shorts.  I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it.  Being in the MBA program, I’m going to chalk this one up to marketing and product placement.  If you can manage to get ditsy famous people to wear your impractical products like sheep skin boots… then surely ditsy, daddy’s girls will begin to wear them as well.

the root of the problem

How does this relate to the MBA program?  Not sure, really.  At this point it is more of an undergrad phenomenon.  So maybe we’re just too professional to start in with this, at campus anyway.  For the future, I am quite hopeful in my marketing career that I can sell anything if I get the right celeb to sport my product.


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