QBA – Quit Bothering me Already

Is it too late to switch to philosophy, religion, or history, or transfer to a technical college? Is it too late for that? This semester was going pretty stinking good until Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA). QBA is my kryptonite. I’m not saying I’m anything close to Superman… but if I were, QBA would allow me to get shot to death. Last semester it wasn’t that bad. I did much better last semester because I forced myself to study like never before. Even though I did/do okay, I still hate it; can’t stand it, yet, I have no choice but to accept it. I’m really not that bad at the final product, which is analyzing the data. I have more of a problem with collecting the data. It’s kinda like accounting. I see the importance of it; I just don’t want to be any part of its genesis. I’m sure there are plenty of people who hate marketing; that is where we are different.

What makes matters worse is that my add-ons in excel are screwing up and I can’t use solver. Solver is a huge part of what we are doing this semester and I can’t even access mine. It took me an entire class period of screwing around with this stupid thing, plus post-class time, and I still haven’t fixed the problem. Do you know what this means? It means that I’m further behind than usual. My stupidity doesn’t need any assistance from Microsoft. If Bill Gates is conspiring with Dr. Moore to slow down my graduation, they’re in for a surprise.

I’m pretty sure QBA isn’t required for a theology degree.

God-1, Business-0


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  1. Posted by Haley on May 4, 2009 at 12:22 am

    Riley – I couldn’t sleep so I got all caught up on your blog. It was great! You need some new posts and we need to catch up – it made me miss having class with you. Hope things are going well =)


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