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I decided to start documenting my memories of Farrah when she hit 212,343 miles. Not too long ago, I hit a pretty nasty dip coming out of the Waco post office. I was turning left when we hit the dip and it felt like I bottomed out my front suspension. From that point forward, every time I turned left, there was audible, palpable knock. I decided to find out what was wrong with Fairuza and treat her to a little TLC. After consulting my Chilton’s manual, I concluded that my front bearings were incredibly loose – I also changed my spark plugs.
My history of maintenance with the truck could fill up a small pamphlet… of one pages. I’ve changed my alternator, serpentine belt, spark plugs, starter, and R-134a. I’ve also paid someone else to change the fly-wheel and a different starter.
When I bought the truck in July 2002, I went out on two dates almost immediately. On the second date (with a girl whom I’ve forgotten), I went to Charleston’s, Barnes and Noble, then the movie “Road to Perdition”.  Excellent movie, horrible date.  It was one of the worst dates ever. While at Charleston’s, I asked said date if she read much and wanted to go to Barnes and Noble to look around (two of my favorite past-times). She answered, “I have to read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ for class.” and “That sounds like fuuuunnn.” She was obviously lying to the second question. I asked her if “How to Win Friends” was the famous one from Dale Carnegie and she said she didn’t know who wrote it. She wasn’t lying to that answer.  In retrospect, I should have seen this as a horrible foreshadowing of the evening to come. After the movie was over, we returned to my truck. When I turned the key, there was this horrible scrape. Inquisitively, I turned the key again; to my dismay, I heard another scrape. I tried it one more time and the engine turned over. I was so relieved by the F-bomb’s resilience so that I could end this dog-crap of a date.  I didn’t have the starter looked at. I didn’t really care either. I’ve always been passive about fixing things. People kept telling me, “you need to get that looked at” and they were right. I finally changed the starter when my truck hit 190,000 miles. It worked fantastically for 15,000 miles, until I had someone change the starter and fly-wheel. Not to sound like a commercial for Ford but I think that Ford got it right on their trucks. They got it wrong on their domestic cars but they got it very right on their trucks. I would be happy to have another Ford truck, or a foreign-inspired Ford car (see Fiesta).
These newest blog entries are a moral imperative, of sorts. Flenore is on her death bed and we owe it to her to pay our respects before her passing. I included the eulogy and many wonderful thoughts of my grandmother on my blog, so this is only right. At 212,343, she’s making a bunch of noises. She sorta shakes and farts as if she has palsy and held in too many farts. She’s old now; she doesn’t need to act like a lady anymore. She just lets it rip, as she’s earned the right. I’ve learned enough lessons from her, my only job now is to forgive her shortcomings and make her final days more comfortable.


Riley’s Internship

To all,


When I decided to come to Baylor Business grad-school, my grandmother decided she would help and support me in anyway she could because, though she did not say it, she knew that if I was exposed to opportunities and open doors, I would flourish.  Since my grandmother died earlier in the semester, I can guarantee you that when deciding what I should do this summer, she was on my mind.  

A lot of people have chimed in recently on whether I should accept one of two internship opportunities.  One has been the opportunity to work at Dish Network in the marketing division.  I am not too sure on the projects that I would be working on but I would think it would be a continuation of the digital transition work and TR50 that I have already done.  The other option is an internship with an entrepreneurial venture known as Vino del Sol (VdS).  VdS is an Argentine wine exporter who coops wineries from all over Argentina for export into the United States.  My work there would consist of marketing and guerilla marketing tactics that fit into the company’s long term strategy.  

I realize that many people stuck their necks out for me to have an opportunity to intern at Dish Network.  I appreciate all of their contributions as well.  It really shows a lot about the good nature of the Baylor faculty to help their students beyond the classroom and into the boardroom.  On the other hand, going to Argentina and starting entrepreneurial efforts has been something that I’ve talked about since mid-2006, which is well before I started my graduate studies here at Baylor.  There are so many different variables that go into making the decision on where I would want to intern and the only person who has had the closest thing to complete information is me.  Many have tried to boil the discussion down to things like money or job opportunities; but, if you know me, then you know it is actually impossible for me to boil anything down.  Although I do appreciate everyone’s free advice, it was my decision to make.

Kevin from Dish Network mentioned something to me that I haven’t thought about.  He said that not too many people get to show to corporate America that there are far more important things than GPA in determining a person’s aptitude and employment potential.  This really means a lot to me.  My cousin helped me remember, however, that corporate America also appreciates “risk-takers” and I am pretty sure that VdS is a bigger risk.  I just want to go on record saying, “It is really easy to make a decision when you don’t have to make one.”  I could always side with passion over money until given this current decision.

Taking these factors and more into deep consideration, I am accepting the internship in Argentina.  This was not an easy decision to come to but I decided I would send an email to everyone that had a hand in helping me make this decision.  For the sake of brevity, I chose not to write all the factors that contributed to me making this decision.  I really appreciate you all’s thoughtfulness and concern with my decision but in the end, I had to go with the thing I’ve been passionate about for the last two years.


My best regards to everyone,


Riley Evan Ross

MBA- International Management 2008

Thousands of Years of Thought, Come Full Circle

For centuries, wars have been waged, kingdoms have been destroyed, and theologians have debated over the topic today.  The endless philosophical battle that man has faced since the dawn of intelligent thought comes full circle today, in less than two pages.  The question that people have struggled with…?  What are the five greatest five letter words of all time.  These words are chosen for what they invoke in all of us, personally.  Well not all of us.  Me.  After all , it is my blog.  But I do think that some of these words do have universal qualities.  The philosophical impact of these words can never be underestimated, they offer release, the offer frustration, and they offer thought.  I know what your thinking…”Riley you’re in a masters degree program.  Do you really have time for this?”  And my response is this, “If it will end the bloodshed, of course I have time.”  The list is presented in no particular orderly order.

1.  Jesus… alright, may seem like an easy one to Christians, but it is not.  Let’s face it.  The name of Jesus invokes so many emotions, but without getting into the theological aspect of this word, lets face facts.  The word Jesus can save you from your sins and mow your lawn all at the same time. 

2.  Bacon…  It’s not kosher but it is delicious, to quote my good friend, poet Nathan Brown, “There are very few things that a cooked piece of pig fat won’t fix.” 

3.  Wilco…  The musical stylings of Jeff Tweedy saved me today at Panera Bread.  For some reason I set behind the purple clad, blonde monsters of the Kappas.  In the one minute I allowed myself to bear a conversation that included the phrase, “I was like…” at least 50 times, I realized I need to hear something different.  My savior came in the form of Sky Blue Sky and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  Both amazing albums that allowed me to feel like, even though I was doing accounting, the world was made right.

4.  Heart… Not so much the band or the physiological apparatus, but the metaphorical heart.  I can’t really explain too much about this, it does mean quite a bit.  Commonly confused for the loins, the heart means courage, kindness, forgiveness, and is responsible for much of our thought processes.

5.  Woman… the giver of life, the cause of frustration, the perhaps the best supplier of 3 of the 4 things on this list.  I mean if they cook bacon, have heart, and give you a Wilco cd.  They can also talk about Jesus and there you go.  It all comes full circle.

honorable mention:  Riley(that’s me).  Beard.  Queso (Spanish for cheese, see bacon).  Music.  Bread.  Water.

If you have an idea of something that should be on the list feel free to add it.